Easily design your databases

Model and capture all your data using the easy to use database designer and data entry screens. This component was designed to be similar to a spreadsheet, but much more powerful for modelling and entering business data.

Define data structures and rules, and then automatically generated forms guide users safely through the data entry process.

Automate your document production

Use the Google Docs add-on (Office 365 coming soon) to visually build document templates, then generate documents from your data models. This is like mail merge on steroids, but has been designed to be super easy to use.

The sidebar on the right guides you through the fields in your database and you can click to insert them into the document. Use the full power of your preferred word processor.

You can have as many templates as you wish, and every time a user enters data with an associated template, they can generate documents with a single click, or have it be entirely automatic.

About DocsNData

Built for normal people

DocsNData started when Mike failed to find good software to automate data entry and document generation for his brother - a non technical small-business owner. So he built this system with his brother in mind.

Keep your existing tools

We want you to keep your investment and skills in your current tool set, so DocsNData works as a plugin where possible, and only "does its own thing" when it has to.

Secure and available anywhere

DocsNData is built using Google Cloud technologies. So it is available anywhere for you, on any device. It is continuously backed up and entirely secure.

See it in action

Watch me automating a document in 8 minutes

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